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On this page:  
Slide Out Unit Examples and information

Brand New,......

DIY slide out KIT systems..

Perfect for Tiny House construction

West Coast Customs TV Show.....Four very large 14" Slide out Units in a Prevost H3 Bus Shell 

  Small Class "C" Slide Out Units Installed  
  Blue Bird Wanderlodge 

  MCI monocoque chassis slide outs
  Commercial Film Production Buses
  Mega Million Dollar Coaches with 6 slides

Now as of 10-1-16,  DIY Slide Out System in Kit form  

Slide Out Awnings or Covers

Call  484-362-4342
for more information

click on image

Designing Slide Out  Units since the 1970's  

Slide Outs, Bump Outs, Glide Outs, Room Additions, Slideout Units etc...
What ever you call them ,....we design and build them...
Call for pricing phone 484-362-4342

We design and install slide out units all the time but we do not update our images daily.
So, if some images are dated just use it as an example of our past work.
We can always show more current images if desired.

From Entry level, Class "C"  to ultra High End Class "A" with monster slides                                         Back to Top
We design, build and install for all your applications ...

Small to large , none are out of our range...

Class "C" Motor Home

Larger Class "A" Motor Homes or commercial vehicles with large Slide Out Units.

Four monster Slide out Units installed in a Prevost H3-45 

click to see more images

Class "C" Motor Homes and towing Trailers

Optional, Extra large Floor platform for large beds ...

Class "A" units  
Old style versus the newer style
Our system was originally designed for  heavy duty aftermarket applications.
We use to design and install trade show display units for  very large applications. In the 1980's  we decided to
design units to fit the motor home market. Our units are designed not to interfere with the main chassis when building
a coach .. Note the difference.


Our unit does not need any support beneath the floor ..

Blue Bird Wanderlodge with an 8' Slide Out                                                                                       Back to Top

Whereas the old standard assembly line unit needs to install large arms that need to protrude form beneath the chassis
and push the slide out unit out.
It also limits access too your luggage bays too..
Our unit in the back does not need to cut into the chassis as seen below

Older style needs braces beneath the coach ..     

Our slide unit design is self contained upstairs                                      
Fully Developed over 35 years                               

Our unit uses no push out arms beneath the slide unit

Our slide units                                                                                                                                     Back to Top

Higher End slide out units                                                                                                                  Back to Top                                    
MCI, Monocoque chassis Bus Conversion,


Four 13' Slide out units in one H3-45 Prevost Bus                                                     Back to Top

West Coast Customs TV Show project,
3 Finished images.... 
They did a tremendous job on this Custom Specialty vehicle ..
We installed the slides and other custom work
Interior set up for Video Games

Slide out images

Interior,                                                                                                                            Back to Top

1 1/2 "  heavy aluminum tube construction

Extreme Heavy Duty wall frame to support the unit


Mega Million Dollar Coaches, Yes,...this is a Coach, Just a very large one ...                           Back to Top

"Six Slideouts" with a rear elevator

Other specialty Coaches

Huge Exhibition Trailers


Much Heavier Duty, Commercial Film Production Coach                                      Back to Top
Click Here to see this Custom Coach, extremely large Slide Out with others being installed


Pop Ups with Slide Out                                                                                Back to Top

Slide Out System in Kit form                                                           Back to Top

For the Do it Yourselfer...  

Perfect for Tiny House Construction

                                                            Back to Top

The drive works just as if you lay 2 screw jacks on their side.
Connect them with an axel and turn the axle and the unit moves straight out and straight in no twisting,
will not tweak when it comes in or out, The seals stay very very tight and cannot loosens with vibrations.

We Pre-build everything but the cabin ..

We can build the cabin too In knock down condition.,
It can come to you prebuilt and pre exterior skinned in sections .
Just bolt together, mount to control floor, insulate, match to our wiring and cover interior .
Can  come with windows installed too....

                                                                            Back to Top

We design our steal powder coated frame to  fit your opening size.

Install our frame in your opening .
Hang flooring up with 4 pins and it will work, ..Just build and install cabin on top of our floor.
All powder coated parts
Flooring drive unit
Powder coated trim
All wiper seals,
All sponge seals for the interior and exterior face,
Electric drive motor, 2 Acme  screw drives with connecting axle. cannot tweak,
Pre-wired for your 12volt and 120 volt system to be installed in cabin ,
Control switch

click here for Flush floor design

Slide Out Unit Kit Components
Main Support Frame, fits in your opening
All the parts needed to install your own slide out
All outside 5" wide aluminum trim
Rubber seals  and more..

Call our Free Advice Hotline for more information

                                                                            Back to Top
   8' Wide x 16" Deep        14' Wide x 34" Deep   .....Any Height

Slide Out, Pre wired for 12vDC -120vAC  Flooring with drive unit        
Mounts in minutes with 4 pins, one at each corner


Slide Out Drive unit can be built to fit over fender wells..                                                                            Back to Top

Slide Out Main Outside Frame           Slide Out, End frame  with interior - Exterior Support arms

Emergency, Slide Out Hand Crank

Slide Out,  Forward and Reverse Switch

Slide Out Covers

Assorted Slide Out seals

Slide Out Wiper "L" shaped flat seal

Slide Out Flat Wiper Seal

Slide Out "D" Seal





9.75" Wide Roller
11.75" Wide Roller



Flush Floor Slide Out Mechanism

Mounts Beneath Floor to the Chassis,                                                                            Back to Top




                                                                            Back to Top



Slide Out Covers                                                                                Back to Top

or as they say "Side Out Kovers"

Call for pricing ...484-362-4342
Entrance Door Cover

                                                                                Back to Top


PDF-Technical  information  on these Carefree "Side Out II Kovers"
Installation Instructions Illustrated Parts List
Sideout KoverII with Deflector Sideout Kover II with Deflector Parts List
Sideout KoverII with lock Sideout Kover II with Manual Lock Parts List
Sideout Canopy Replacement  

Call for pricing phone 484-362-4342


More Slide Out Examples and information                                                        Back to Top


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