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02/04/2016 12:27 PM

RV Door Locks to fit 2" Bus Entrance Doors,

On This Page....

Standard Air Operated Bus door
RV Door Lock for a Bus
Installing an RV lock on a MCI Bus
Recess panel to adapt 2" door for a 1.5" door lock
Information on locks to fit Bi-Fold MCI doors

Door parts list for a MCI 102 or MCI9

If you want to convert your Bus to a RV lock you need to be aware that Buses have a 2" door thickness,
No 1.5" standard RV Lock is designed for this 2" thickness...

Most Commercial Buses come with a Dead bolt or an Air Operated Door & Lock .
As good and strong as it is,...
It's still not as convenient as a RV styled Paddle handle lock mounted in your Door .

In our shop, installing a RV Door Lock on a 2" Bus Entrance Door

If you want to purchase one of these locks,    please call 484-362-4342

Standard, Air operated Bus Entrance Door                                                                                           Top of Page
Note the little door off to the left of the Entrance Door, this is the switch to open the door from the outside.

Parts dept.
please call  

RV Locks to fit  2" Bus Entrance doors                                                              Top of Page
A standard 1.5" RV lock will not work without  modification. 

Most buses have 2"+ doors and you will have to use the recess door panel as seen below..

Always make sure you use the stronger double latch pin model as shown

You must have the recess panel in order for the RV locks to work with a standard bus entrance door.

RV Door Lock as above with dbl post receiver.....$89.99
Bus Door recess panel with 1/8" aluminum........  $98.50

Call 484-362-4342 to order

Door Grab Handle,
Solid Stainless Steel, HEAVY DUTY,
Industrial strength. This is what we use on our Band Buses .. they cannot break or bend ..

$18.00 call 484-362-4342 to order

Installing a RV Lock On a 2" Bus Door                                                                                    Top of Page

Note the thickness of a Bus door is 2",

Below is how we install  locks on some of the buses we work on..
But keep in mind, we also have a full fabrication shop too..

You do not have to go to all this trouble ..But you will need the skill to install this type of lock in a heavy stainless steel door

A standard 1.5" RV lock will not work without  the recess panel modification .                                             
Top of Page


MCI Solid Stainless Steel Entrance Door
On Some Bus applications we found it easier to cut out  and install our precut stainless flat end piece with holes

                                                                                                                                    Top of Page
 After we do all the welding.
We grind, sand and polish the end piece and it looks brand new ..
The stabilized pins beside the door throw..
This is the more safe of RV door Lock styles..

Rubber sealant will be trimmed when cured

                                                                                                                                Top of Page

Door Jam

MCI 102 Model Bus

Door edge
Note: Lock is recessed in the interior door wall

Entrance door cut out

Door Jam,

Recess Panel for RV Lock in a 2" Bus Door installation
 you must use this panel for 2" thick doors on Bus Conversions,
This one was covered with leather to match interior .

( Required for 2" doors)
Heavy Duty 1/8" Heavy Duty Aluminum Recess Panel    $98.50   call 610-767-8000
                                                                                                                                    Top of Page
Mounts behind your door panel so RV lock will fit thicker door properly
Custom  1/8" Aluminum welded recess Panel

MCI Door Parts list for a MCI 102 or MCI 9                                                                                 Top of Page

Parts, Page MCI 3.3205
Parts, MCI page 3.3206
Parts, MCI page 3.3207
Parts, MCI page 3.3208.

For more information call 610-767-8000                                                                                        Top of Page

Bi-fold Door Locks     Not the same as an RV lock
Most buses that pick up passengers  on sidewalks will usually use the split door system or commonly called Bifold doors.
These doors will open up sideways so as not to hit someone when the driver is coming in for his full stop.

Below are two Bifold doors installed on a MCI 9 Passenger Bus

One keyed dead bolt lock on one side is all it needs

Inside slide handle, showing dead bolt

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RV Paddle Handle Locks for RV's only,
Will not fit  2" Bus Entrance Doors


Will not fit a 2" Bus Door

Also does not have the stronger safety pins

# 40508 $135.00   Click here to go to shopping Cart for this item
# 41246 $44.95    click to go to Shopping Cart for this item



Call 484-362-4342
for more information

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