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04/06/2013 12:31 PM
                                Super Winter  Sale                Galley Cabinets,....... Only  $1695.00
Flat or high Gloss Formica, Standard and Radius Corners

High Gloss Formica, Radius Corners
Galley with Flat Formica standard corners
Galley with Formica counter top
Drawer Base before lining with felt
All cabinets and drawers are lined
High Gloss Formica with Radius Corners_
Corian Counter tops_

Fully Assembled
Unfinished Cabinets
Finished Coach Interior

Monticello Maple
Wilsonart # 7925-38

  Sale is of Cabinets only...
No Counter or fixtures in sale

Base  74"wide X 25"deep X 30.5" High
1-2-door stove cook top base
1-4 deep Drawer Box        18" wide
1-2 door sink base           24" wide
1-5" radius corner            6.5" wide

Over head cabinets
1-2 Microwave cabinet 
1-Tall single door
1-2 door Sink cabinet, recess for below sink lighting
1-5" radius corner

Cabinet bases are built twice to three times heavier than needed because this creates  a quieter and  better riding coach without Creaks & squeaks

All  cabinets are built in modular units entirely of 3/4" high quality cabinet grade Birch plywood. Back, bottom, sides,... all 3/4" plywood

Pulls optional

Optional Simulated Brushed Stainless Steel Pull handles

As seen on most examples cabinets on this website

Cabinet shop....
Recent construction images of a darker Mahogany wood grain set

All components are glued and screwed together..

High Gloss Formica ,Radius Corners                                                            Back to Top
Galley package was designed for modular assembly.
Overhead cabinet, Light Birch laminate
Sink Base, radius corner

These images show Recess in the bottom of overhead cabinet for sink lighting

Corian Counter tops                                                                                                         Back to Top

Note: Our Cabinets do not have a built in bottom toe kick Area                                                 
Back to Top

We use legs like the European style in order to have space for
Toe kick Heaters, plumbing and wiring runs.
Not to mention the floor on MCI's run down hill 3.5". We use a Velcro removable toe kick face .

Galley  Section Components ......                                                                                       Back to Top

Sink Base, standard square corner

Base cabinet ( Sink or top stove) 24" Wide X 24" Deep X 30" high

Sink Base, radius corner                                                    
Back to Top

Snap on 60 degree Blum hinges                                                  
Back to Top

Roller wheel glides

 Simulated Brushed Stainless steel Pull handles
as seen on most examples cabinets on this website

Felt Trunk lining


6.5" wide curved section

Over head Standard Squared corners                                                  Back to Top

Drawer Base      18" wide X 25" deep X 30" high                     Back to Top

Note heavy screws                                                 
Back to Top

Overhead cabinet, Small                                                  Back to Top

  Our design uses a modular configuration

All  cabinets are built in modular units entirely of 3/4" high quality cabinet grade Birch plywood.
Back, bottom, sides,... all 3/4" plywood .

Cabinet bases are twice - three times heavier than needed .
This creates a quieter and  better riding coach without Creaks & squeaks



Finished installed Coaches                                                   Back to Top


Galley with Formica counter top                                                                         Back to Top
Galley with Flat Formica standard corners                                                        
Back to Top

snap on snap off 60 degree hinges                 
Back to Top


Optional  cabinet and drawers lined

High Gloss Formica with Radius Corners                                                          Back to Top

Fully Assembled                                             Back to Top

Unfinished cabinets                                                  Back to Top



See  Galley Cabinets under construction                                                         Back to Top

                                                         Back to Top

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