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Rotational mold Polystyrene holding Tanks, fittings, pumps, and information

ON this page:
Installed Holding tanks
Mounting straps
Holding Tanks Monitors
Holding tank Level Sensors
Holding tanks sizes
Spin weld fittings
Spinning a Spinweld fitting
Shurflo Pump mounted
Deck Plate Opening
Tanks, 50gal,100gal, 150gal
Control Panel Parts

Installed Holding tanks

Aluminum or stainless mounting Straps with rubber, mounted by "T" Bolts

Level indicator sensor strips                                                                                           Back to Top of page

Spinweld fittings                                                                                                           Back to Top of page

Spinning a Spinweld fitting

Work shown are on 50 gallon polystyrene tanks

Cut holes

Spin fittings with special tooling at a very high RPM until it seats

In production


Holding tank leaks ...                                                                                           Back to Top of page

Spinweld (welded) vs. Glued or Screwed-In Fittings

Our Spinweld or Spin on Holding Tank Fittings
are spun until it melts together with the tank.
Then we glue to the ABS or PVC drain pipes like normal

Bulk Head Screw Type fittings seem to not seal on the inside of the tank as good as it should.
Be aware of the difference ..
Polyethylene and Polystyrene Plastics are difficult to Glue or to Clamp to..

...You don't want your Black Water tank to leak.

Shurflo Pump mounted                                                                                            Back to Top of page
Shurflo Pumps

Deck Plate opening for Dump hose,power cable, water and utility cables

Holding tanks                                                                                           Back to Top of page
 50 Gallon

100-150 Gallon

Holding tanks sizes,
                                                                                           Back to Top of page

Measurements are as follows:

150- Gallon Fresh water tank
48 length
36 width
28 height

100- Gallon Gray water tank
40 length
29 width
29 height

50-Gallon Black water tank
38 length
19 width
22 height

Control panel

Holding tank Monitors
                                                                                           Back to Top of page

Sensor Strips

Call 484-362-4342 for pricing

Monitor ready to fit into a Custom Dash upgrade for Buses and RV's

Call 484-362-4342 for pricing

For more custom tanks see our plumbing section

                                                                                           Back to Top of page

Ask about our holding tank kits for the DO it your Selfer ...

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