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09/14/2018 10:59 AM


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RV Air Conditioners
On This Page:
Standard Air Conditioners,            
Low Profile Air Conditioners     8.5"  High     

Control parts needed
When ordering an A/C unit Please Note !,
You must order the control panels (Air distribution box) separately .
You have two styles to choose from:
Non Ducted and Ducted models along with or without thermostats...

Standard, Non Ducted Controls, A/C unit ....
1, The standard Control panel
 (Air distribution box) dropping from the A/C  unit with turn controls

Standard Non Ducted with Wall thermostat controls, A/C unit plus 3-parts....
1, Special plenum for wall thermostat model
2, Power controller for wall thermostat model, need 12volt supply
3, Wall thermostat for non ducted system

Ducted Ceiling Controls,

Read the Components list for each A/C unit carefully, it contains a lot of information

Standard Air Conditioners                                                                    Back to top

Catalog PageCatalog Page


13,500 BTUs
13.5" High                                                                             Heavy Duty for Extreme conditions

                page 269
"Don't forget to order the plenum and controllers sold separately for this unit"

15,000 BTU's
13.5" High
page 268
"Don't forget to order the plenum and controllers sold separately for this unit"

15,000 BTUs
13.5" High
"Don't forget to order the plenum and controllers sold separately for this unit"

Coleman Mach      MACH 15                     Back to top
14,800 BTU's
13.5" High

Catalog Page

Low Profile Air Conditioners                   8.5"  High ,       Low Profile                                    Back to top

"Don't forget to order the plenum and controllers sold separately for this unit on page 352

"Don't forget to order the plenum and controllers sold separately for this unit"                                                 Back to top

13,500 BTU's   Low Profile
8.5"  Height   Low Profile


Catalog PageCatalog Page

8.5"  High   Low Profile


Larger Central units or Park Models

                     Back to top


See the new Black cowling ...

Catalog PageCatalog Page

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